The journey of e-commerce

After a long and tiring day at work, Millie returned home at about eight in the evening only to realise that four hours later she was supposed to celebrate her husband’s thirtieth birthday. Gosh! How could Millie be so silly to forget the important day! She had not picked the cake and the bouquet and the present. Now all she had was a few minutes before her husband would come back from work. What could be done?


Adventure tourism – the next big thing

We live in country that is blessed with a vast topography, diverse geographical conditions and six splendid seasons. Be it the condescending Himalayan peaks up north or the promontories along the Western Ghats or the expanse of the mighty ocean stretching till horizon, the Indian landscape has it all!  Certainly, there is an immense opportunity out there for the tourism industry of India which currently boasts of being the third largest foreign exchange earner for the country.

Beware! It can be a hoax!

Google says that nearly half the world’s population uses internet today. This sudden surge of internet has definitely brought in a digital transformation across the globe, however in the last decade it has also given rise to an alarming number of hoaxes which have been spreading like wildfire into the strands of World Wide Web.

Walking down the memory lane…

We all have certain fond memories attached to our childhood days. Whether it’s something that used to fascinate us as a child or something that scared us to hell or even simple day to day chores, whenever we look back, it definitely brings a smile to our faces. Here I’m sharing some of the fondest yet simplest memories I have as a child.